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  1. Ihr besitzt kein generelles Level, weshalb ihr jeden Kämpfer einzeln aufleveln müsst. Ihr könnt keine Legendaries etc. über Echtgeldkäufe erwerben. Das maximale Charakter-Gear-Level liegt derzeit..
  2. Dismantling grants higher Salvage, equal to around 5 times the gear level (5 Salvage at level 1 compared to 105 at level 25). So far, there are 5 rarities of gear: common, rare, heroic, epic and legendary. The rarity of the gear you obtain is dependent on your Reputation Level with the hero and will affect what perks you have access to
  3. Bei For Honor zeigen wir Euch, wie Ihr Euren Gear-Level erhöht. So kommt Ihr an legendäre Ausrüstung (Legendary Gear). Wollt Ihr auf den Schlachtfeldern im Herrschaftsmodus Eure Überlebenschancen..
  4. Insgesamt könnt ihr (Stand: 23.02.2017) für jeden Charakter einen Gear-Level von 108 erreichen. Die Ruhmstufe müsst ihr übrigens für jeden einzelnen Helden erhöhen, dies ist kein allgemeines Level...
  5. Die erbeutbare - ähm - Beute in For Honor richtet sich nämlich nach dem Level der entsprechenden Charakterklasse. Ein Ritter auf Stufe 5 bekommt tendenziell bestenfalls solides Gear. Um einen..
  6. A piece of Legendary gear can be Level 25 through Level 30. The maximum gear level you can have at any point is (highest available gear tier) × 36, because there are six gear slots, and each of those has six possible levels for each tier of gear.. So if you're Rep 0, the highest possible gear stat is 36
  7. Rep 7 to get any legendary at all, Rep 9 for all of your drops to be guaranteed legendary

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  1. - An item can have a maximum gear level of 18. - The maximum character gear level is 108. - The reputation progress system is character bound. If you need strong equipment for another hero, you must level it up from reputation Level 0
  2. Rare gear is the second lowest tier and it first starts dropping when your hero is at reputation level 1. Legendary gear is the highest tier and starts dropping when the hero you are playing is at rep 7. Pro tip: hold on to your crates until your hero is Rep 8 and then use them to get only Legendary gear
  3. Sort by. level 1. [deleted] 3 years ago. Rep 7 is when the drops start but if you plan on opening crates then you should wait until Rep 9 to get only Legendary loot. 6. level 2. HoodedReaper11. Conqueror
  4. Rep 0-2 — Common (Gray) Gear; Rep 1-4 — Rare (Blue) Gear; Rep 3-6 — Heroic (Purple) Gear; Rep 5-8 — Epic (Gold) Gear; Rep 7+ — Legendary (Green) Gear

For Honor: Im Gear Level steigen - So bekommt Ihr

Warmonger/Gear | For Honor Wiki | Fandom. Games Movies TV Video. Wikis. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Register Start a Wiki. For Honor Wiki. 2,578 Pages. Add new page. Campaign. Knights chapter. Warlords and Cowards; And Stay Out; The Blackstone Legion; Valkenheim In Winter; Sabotage; Wolves Among Sheep. Ihr müsst erst ausreichend Erfahrungspunkte sammeln und Level 20 überschreiten. So steigt Ihr im Ruhm-Rang auf. So steigt Ihr im Ruhm-Rang auf. Infos zum Ruhm- und Level-System gibt es hier There are three different rarity levels associated with loot in For Honor and you won't start seeing higher level equipment until you fully level up a character and then advance in Reputation. Once.. Gear that players have not equipped will be given random perks based on their quality level. Gear can also be upgraded even further now - with gear receiving two diamond upgrades instead of one. Refine is now at level four instead of two as well. A full list of perks for each Hero can be found in the gear selection menu

Orochi is my main since the beta, so I thought I could do him a solid and get him in full double refined gear set.Have fun!Twitter: https://twit... Hi hoy guys Legendary Perk A and Perk G Unequipped gear from your inventory will receive random perks available for their rarity and upgrade level. Refine level 1 will now also have 2 diamonds (instead of 1), and Refine level 2 will now have 4 (instead of 2). That's Perks in a nutshell Common equipment is colored white, rare equipment is marked as light blue, and heroic gear is bright purple. To earn higher level gear, you must level up your specific character. You'll earn common..

A Full Showcase of the Highlander Legendary Gear, emotes, executions and more. Some gear Will be missing from this video, I could not collect them all. Hope. In order to get rare and legendary level gear, players need to first rank up a specific hero to level 20. This will then allow you to gain Reputation by resetting that character back to rank one.

You see, each piece of Heroic gear starts at level 13, for an overall gear level of 78. In order to get the max of 108, you have to level up each individual piece of Heroic gear to level 18. And.. Refined gear level 3 hasn't been hinted at, but it makes sense that they would pull it out for the new season, just like they did for refined level 2 gear. Next season, Marching Fire, starts on October 16 For Honor Gear Perk System Explanation Each hero can pick from 3 common level perks, and then 1 each for each rarity (ie. Rare, Heroic, Epic, Legendary) - for a total of 7 perks per character. Perks are limited to their rarity or higher gear, for example you can get Epic perks on Epic or Legendary gear, but not on Common, Rare, or Heroic gear. You need 600 points towards a perk to get. For Honor - Legendary Gear, Heroic Gear & das Endgame enttäuschen die Fans . Obwohl For Honor erst seit etwa einer Woche im Handel ist, haben einige Spieler bereits das Endgame des Spiels.

In For Honor, the first number next to the username shows the player's level, while the number next to that shows the Gear level. Another thing to notice is the pattern around one of the numbers. Both will be used to buy initial pieces of gear that can be upgraded as you increase in Renown with your Covenant (for Honor gear) or PvP rank (for Conquest gear). Blizzard released details on how PvP rewards work in Shadowlands, explaining changes to the Great Vault system (outlined below), and clarification on Conquest/Honor gains How to unlock the Gear Head achievement in For Honor: Level up a piece of Gear of any rarity to its maximum level. This achievement is worth 30 Gamerscore The following is a list of gear in the game For Honor. All Heroes have a limited Gear capacity of 60. 1 Arms 2 Blade 3 Chest 4 Guard 5 Helm 6 Hilt 7 Pommel 8 Shaft 9 Related achievements-trophies 10 See also Alberich Arms Baiken Arms Himura Arms Shimizu Blade Sirius Blade Kimura Guard Sheeden..

Just for Honor, you can buy ilevel 158 gear, and you can then spend Honor to upgrade that gear all the way to ilevel 190. The costs get steeper as you go along, of course — as one example, to buy a 158 2h weapon will cost you 1750 Honor, and to upgrade it to ilevel 184 will then cost you 6750 Honor. Meanwhile, to get ilevel 200 gear, you'll need Conquest, which means doing Rated BG's For Honor Gear Perks Guide by Kenpo_Kid69. Perk List: (In Alphabetical Order) Aegis: shields have 20% more health. Bastion: +10% damage resistance on zones or with tributes. Bulk Up: +4 health per renown level. Clever Tactics: zones and tributes captured 15% faster. Crush Them: on hero kill, next attack, +20% damage. Devourer: +15 health on. Legendary gear is for the highest rarity level of gear in the game. There are 5 tiers: Rep 0 = Common. Rep 1 = Rare. Rep 3 = Heroic. Rep 5 = Epic. Rep 7 = Legendary. This is for your hero's rep level and not your overall rep. Each of these tiers also unlocks new visuals to be obtained. Weapons with a gold look typically start dropping at the. 2 points · 2 years ago. Rep 1: blue Rep 3: purple Rep 5: gold Rep 7: teal (180 gear score) level 2. MTurn01. Original Poster. 1 point · 2 years ago. Cheers In order to get rare and legendary level gear, players need to first rank up a specific hero to level 20. This will then allow you to gain Reputation by resetting that character back to rank one...

Maximum points per piece for legendary gear at gear score 30 is either: primary 260 points and secondary 120 points; or secondary 130 points x2. For non-maxed out gear, the values will be random up to the maximum for primary and secondary perks Eg You can help For Honor Wiki by expanding it. Gear Rank keeps track of the rank of your Gear . Retrieved from https://forhonor-archive.fandom.com/wiki/Gear_Rank?oldid=3045 Just for Honor, you can buy ilevel 158 gear, and you can then spend Honor to upgrade that gear all the way to ilevel 190. The costs get steeper as you go along, of course — as one example, to buy a 158 2h weapon will cost you 1750 Honor, and to upgrade it to ilevel 184 will then cost you 6750 Honor

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Honor Capsules are earned upon leveling up to level 3, 4, and 5. Honor Capsules can be opened without a key and contain key fragments, ward skins, emotes, champion shards, and Honor-exclusive skins For Honor Stats. DiarrheaDave View Leaderboard. Wins 49,085. NotShaman View Leaderboard. K/D Ratio (Player) 5,212.00. perfectlnput View Leaderboard. Win % 100.0%. Premium users don't see ads. Upgrade for $3/mo Magnus' Honor; Demon Crush; Biting Cold; Berinon; Cunningham; Ellyn; Lamorak; Orselen; Sagamore; Armor. Kinnersley; Porete; Alecto; Baldock; Woeful Persuasion; Juhel; Bandit Lord; Cruel Passage; Barbarous; Goriate; Ligart; Prison Guard; Mortal Enemy; Dominator; Cassios; Medion; Domaric; Sinister Silence; Megrez; Folkel; Hoedus; Somber Exodus; Bazett; Aldys; Regulus; Peacekeeper. Weapon. Snow White; Nowan Craymen; Parca PvP Honor Gear The Honor gear vendor Purveyor Zo'kuul sells starting gear at the item level 158. It includes trinkets, all gear slots, necklaces, rings, and weapons. Each item has an initial Honor cost and requires more Honor to upgrade. Honor Gear Upgrade Costs You can also use your Honor currency to upgrade the item level of PvP pieces up to rank 7, outlined below If you reach 6250 Honor, you'll be able to choose between 3 pieces. Rated Battlegrounds offer up to 850 points per win, which will be the fastest way to accumulate Honor points from Rated PvP. PvP Vendors and Upgrades You can use Conquest and Honor points to purchase specific items from Vendors. In addition, Honor gear can be upgraded! This maxes out at Epic quality ilvl 190. You can also use Honor to upgrade Conquest gear ranks! This means if you purchase a Conquest piece and you.

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Beginner Black Stones are used to enhance Naru Gear to PEN level. Beginner Gear Progression (Season Servers) PEN Naru > PRI Tuvala > TET Boss. PEN Naru gear is exchanged for PRI Tuvala Gear. View How -to here. (Requires Season Character) One PEN Tuvala gear can be exchanged for one TET boss gear each season. Gear Enhancement. Naru Gear and most gear in BDO must be enhanced in order to help you. For For Honor on the Xbox One, a GameFAQs message board topic titled So can you level up and get loot doing players vs ai?

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For Honor has several pieces of gear that you can get, and they all have certain stats. Each piece has 3 stats, raises one of them, and lowers 1-2 of the others. Some of the stats are straightforward, but others aren't so clear. I'm going to explain each stat and what pieces of gear they are on to help you decide what gear to wear. Check out my For Honor Beginner Tips and Tricks for more help. Current equipment will be converted to the new system and keep the equivalent Gear Score and upgrade level: - Equipped gear will receive predetermined Perks from the three categories depending on your Hero and its rarity level, - Unequipped gear will receive random perks depending on its rarity and upgrade level Depending on whether you were a good boy or not, your Honor level ranges anywhere from 1 to 5. If you get honored often, your honor level will rise and you'll get sweet rewards. On the other hand, if you continuously flame your teammates and troll games, you'll most likely get reported and suffer some consequences When gaining a Renown level, gain 4% movement speed for first, then 2% for each subsequent level. Tier A. 4% to 10% movement speed in team based game modes is extremely useful, specially towards the end of the game when spawn timers are increased and revives / back dooring becomes more significant PvP Honor Gear (1-3) 158-171: Week 1: Faction Reputation: 164-200: Honored to Exalted: Heroic Dungeons: 171: Week 1: PvP Honor Gear (4-5) 177-184: Week 2 (Renown 7) Mythic Dungeons: 184: Week 1: Legendary (Rank 1) 190: 1250 Soul Ash: Legendary (Rank 2) 210: 2000 Soul As

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You can buy scavenger crates from For Honor's customization menu at any time, but you're better off waiting until you reach reputation level 1: that's when higher quality gear becomes available. How to Master the Faction War - For Honor Tips. 02/09/2017 09:00 AM. The Faction War is one of For Honor's biggest community features, a cross-platform struggle that lets you fight for the glory of one of the game's three factions: Knights, Samurai, or Vikings. All of your multiplayer exploits push your chosen faction closer to victory - and.

Where to Purchase Honor Rank Gear The PvP Honor Sets are available for purchase once a certain rank has been achieved. Ranks 1-5 Vendor If you are anywhere from Rank 1-5, you'll be able to purchase gear from: Alliance Officer Areyn, located in Old Town of Stormwind City. Officer Areyn Horde Sergeant Ba'sha, located in the Valley of Strength of Orgrimmar. Sergeant Ba'sha Ranks & Items Available. How the Reputation system works in For Honor - Earning Reputation Points to equip new gear. For Honor's reputation system actually bears a striking similarity to a popular system from another. In total that's 5 bits of gear every quarter of an hour. In comparison, playing survival on gold will shower you with 7 gear drops. However, this demands that you beat 25 waves, relying on the.. Gear item levels in Shadowlands. Remember this is how it looks at the moment. We are now on Beta testing. This page will of course be updated all the time. Ilvl gear in Shadowlands compared to BFA. In Shadowlands, the character level with have a squish from 120 to 50 and the max level will be 60. The ilvl will have a squish as well. Here are some good numbers to look at and see how your. The Assessor of Conflict is selling Unrated Gear and legendary power (for legendary gear crafting). The Master of Conflict is selling Rated Gear and Soulbind Conduits. The Facilitator of Conflict will help you upgrade PvP items. Speicifc with PvP gear. In Shadowlands, there will be 2 things that will destinguish PvP gear from PvE: Extra Versatility; PvP specific Set bonus; No matter if it is.

This is because if you have a full set of eye level 171 gear, you can upgrade most of your pieces to eye level 184 if you have saved up 15k honor on the day the season begins. Thanks to the renowned cap being raised to level 9, giving you the ability to upgrade your honor gear two more times. Meaning, you can jump into rated pvp with equal gear to anybody who's done mythic zeroes. For the. Learn more about how to craft legendaries for your Shadow Priest in our in-depth guide. How to Craft Legendary ItemsShadow Priest Legendary Guide Sources of Gear for Shadow Priest in Shadowlands There are many ways to gear in Shadowlands, each with its own item level range. Below we give a detailed list of possible sources of gear and their.

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Greedfall, legendary gear and where to find it. by Nodrim on September 20, 2019 Greedfall is a hot topic in gaming right now. This ambitious RPG from Spiders has managed to exceed many expectations. As I'm enjoying this game a lot, I thought it would be a good idea to share the cooler items I found during my extensive exploratory sessions The following Legendary powers are available to all specializations: Death's Embrace (Wrist/Finger) — Increases the duration of Anti-Magic Shell by 140% and any damage it absorbs heals you.. Source: Memory of Death's Embrace — Drops from Kul'tharok in Theater of Pain.; Grip of the Everlasting (Waist/Feet) — Death Grip 's cooldown is reduced by 3 seconds and for 3 seconds after casting. Gear in For Honor is categorized into 4 rarities i.e. Common, Rare, Heroic, and Heroic Star. For Honor Level Up Fast As mentioned earlier, you need to increase your Player Level in order to breeze. Battlegrounds: You can exchange Honor Points for u to item level 184 gear. Mythic dungeons: Although Mythic+ is not open yet, standard Mythic dungeons are open. These drop 184 item level loot and can be looted once per week. Reputation: Getting honored allows you to buy 181 item level gear and getting exalted gives 200 item level gear. 2.1. Valor Points. Patch 9.0.5 re-introduced the Valor. As you complete challenges, you'll unlock rewards that will allow you to level up your Heroes' gear score and Reputation level. All Hero progress made in Arcade transfers over to multiplayer, making it the perfect place to test out and rank up new Heroes. And, if you want to start preparing for Marching Fire now, you can pick up the Starter Edition of For Honor for free on Steam from.

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There are a myriad of reasons as to why you might be looking to buy WoW mounts or you might be also wanting to buy WoW gear (maybe you even want to buy WoW armor sets). You may be a family man, you might have a job, you could have tons of homework, but above all - you probably don't really have enough time on your hands to spend hours and hours on end farming gold Loots from Dungeons in Normal mode All Normal dungeons drop loots with an ilvl of 700-845 (scales to what character level you are). At max character level, normal dungeon loot can be warforged and titanforged. First I thought titanforged only dropped at max level dungeons, but it dropped from Violet hold as well, which is a 105-110 dungeon

Level 28 - 465 Honor Points Level 38 - 690 Level 48 - 1020 Level 58 - 7500 (dagger) 15000 (sword) Epic Bracers - 40 WSG Tokens Level 40 - 621 Level 50 - 918 Level 60 - 6750 Epic Leggings - 40 WSG Tokens Level 60 - 13125 Honor Points. Comment by Thottbot Go to the official WoW website to see the BG rewards. Comment by Thottbot You no longer need any faction with the Outriders for access to this. Killing an experienced PvP player with a high level of Honor will grant more points than killing a player that has never had an Honorable Kill. The higher the character level of the player, the more points they are worth. Any Honorable Kills that you get while in a group or raid will have the points value split, with each player receiving points equivalent to their contribution to the kill. Once you reach max level and finish the Shadowlands campaign you will start to look for upgrades to your gear. Our recommendation for this is to start with World Quests and Heroic Dungeons. For Mythic dungeons, at 0 level, it is most efficient to find a group of people to clear all the dungeons in one go. Make sure to grab your Legendary fro League of Legends Honor Levels. Everyone starts at Level 1. You have a level that lasts all season. How Do Level Up My Honor In LoL? You max out your level at 5 by playing games and consistently playing to win. Earning Honor game to game will level you up slightly faster, but honors are not required to level up. You only lose levels by getting hit with penalties. Simply not receiving Honor. You'll need to have increased your Intuition to Level 2 to get through the passage there. Open the chest and claim your armor.---There you have it: GreeFall's legendary gear locations for legendary weapons and legendary armor. Hopefully, this tips and tricks guide helped you find the weapons and armor you were looking for. For more o

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Honor rewards refers to items and special benefits made available to characters based on honor (turning in honor points and marks of honor). 1 Level 80 PvP Rewards 1.1 Cloth 1.2 Leather 1.3 Mail 1.4 Plate 1.5 Cloaks & Trinkets 1.6 Jewelry 2 Twink Armor Sets 2.1 Armor Sets and Weapons 2.2.. With enough Battleground spam, you'll be able to have a full set of Item Level 184 gear by upgrading PvP Honor Gear! If you have a lot of Honor, you can upgrade your PvP gear at the start of Week 2 to Item Level 184, so that you can trade loot to your friends in Mythic Dungeons clear. Poor Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary Artifact. Slot: clear. Main Hand Off Hand One-Hand Ranged Thrown Two-Hand. Type: clear. Daggers Fist Weapons One-Handed Axes One-Handed Maces One-Handed Swords Polearms Staves Two-Handed Axes Two-Handed Maces Two-Handed Swords Bows Crossbows Guns Thrown Wands Fishing Poles Miscellaneous (Weapons

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If you're reading this and it's at least several weeks into the expansion with a Renowned level of 22 and above, you can upgrade your Honor gear to rank 7, which ends up at 194 ilevel, Which is just a little bit lower than that of a Heroic Raider. Using the Honor that you've earned from either battlegrounds or Arena, whichever your poison is. Patch Notes for the latest version of For Honor. Warlord Increased Warlord's Heabutt into Stab damage to 15 (from 12) Jiang Jun Decreased Jiang Jun's Top Heavy Finisher damage to 38 (from 45) Decreased Jiang Jun's Side Heavy finisher damage to 35 (from 40) Jiang Jun's Light finisher damage to 18 (from 20 Once you fill the XP bar, your gear piece will move up to the next grade. Below are the item grades starting from lowest grade to highest: Basic; Grand; Rare; Arcane; Heroic; Unique; Celestial; Divine; Epic; Legendary; Mythic; Eternal; When your gear pieces reaches the highest grade for the current tier, it can be awakened. You do not need to get to 100% XP to awaken the gear once it reaches the maximum grade. Putting additional XP into the gear at the maximum grade will carry over when you. The old arena point currency can be used to by low level PVP gear. will be used to buy your PvP epic gear. To earn honor points you must play in the arena against other players. Types of PVP Gear. We are now in Season 5. This new PvP gear is split in to two sets. The blue basic set and the purple epic set require ranking to buy. S4 can be.

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Mythic+ item levels. To refresh your memory, the level of gear increases based on the Key level you completed, up to M+15. After that, iLevels don't increase. It functioned this way in BfA, and still does for Shadowlands. The chest at the end of a mythic+ dungeon rewards loot at the following levels: M +2: iLevel 187; M +3: iLevel 190; M +4. A - This indicates the item level or tier. The higher the number, the better the tier. This ranges from 1-100. Higher tier gear have better main stats and higher rolls for substats. B - This tells you what level the gear is at. It starts at 0 and can be enhanced all the way to +15. C - This tells you the gear set it belongs to. Matching sets will give you some bonus stats. We will be. Sentimentally, and on the field of battle. This Legendary Sword is said to have magical properties. Which is about the only thing that could explain the Level 3 Critical Hit Rate, Level 2 Adrenaline on Hurt and the chance to set your opponent ablaze with every swing. This Legendary Regular Sword is unlocked through progressing in the story missions Item Level Character Rankings. all | deathknight | demon_hunter | druid | hunter | mage | monk | paladin | priest | rogue | shaman | warlock | warrior. Search players looking for guild Lorekeeper's Ring (level 28) Advisor's Ring (level 28) Seal of Sylvanas ; Plains Ring ; Basalt Ring of the Eagle ; Deadman's Hand; Ring of Forlorn Spirits; Weapon (Two-Hand) Acrobatic Staff of the Eagle ; Lorekeeper's Staff (level 28) Advisor's Gnarled Staff (level 28) [Twisted Chanter's Staff

Once you get your character to max level, this is when gearing really becomes relevant. Ascended armor has the highest amount of stats you can gain and has infusion slots allowing you to build agony resistance. This is completely optional for most content, as exotics can do the job, but the Fractals of the Mists dungeon will require ascended gear to progress through. There are three main tiers. For Honor : Asunder. Après la bataille de l'Éclipse, l'Alliance de la Chimère et l'Ordre d'Horkos passèrent des années à se livrer un âpre combat. Face au déclin démographique d'Heathmoor, les habitants conclurent des « Pactes » : des alliances secrètes pour partager informations et ressources avec les guerriers d'Horkos ou de la Chimère. Ces Pactes avaient pour but de gagner des alliés en dehors de leur faction, tout en chassant les brebis galeuses parmi eux. L'établissement. There are also some gear rewards from the new reputations in Shadowlands. Each zone has its own faction to grind rep with and a quartermaster to buy loot from. The gear is pretty lackluster right now, though you can get a piece of item level 164 gear at Honored, a piece of 181 gear at Revered and a piece of item level 200 gear at Exalted. Some of these might be useful, but wrap grinding in Shadowlands seems kind of slow overall, so I imagine you would out gear these rewards very quickly. The. Realm. Leveling Rankings Azerite SimDPS Char iLvL M+ Karma Score M+ Score M+ Score DPS M+ Score Tank M+ Score Healer M+ Score Proving Ach. Points Pet Score Total damage done Total damage received Total healing done Total healing received Total kills Total kills that grant experience or honor Damage Score at the Proving Grounds Endless Tank Score at.

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Each legendary will have an item level of 895, but as time passes and patches bring in better loot, the item level of legendary items will scale so that they're always the best. You'll also. Once you reach level 50 you can upgrade your story quest gear into Hiram gear. From this point onwards you will need to put in a lot more work to upgrade your gear. The upgrading system works similarly to that of the story gear, but there are important differences Each Legendary gears have a set of 3 Challenges, each upgrading the gear to level 20, 40 and lastly level 60, from which the Legendary gear becomes viable for Scaled Upgrade. Each level of Challenge upgrade completed improves the power of a Legendary gear's unique property. If a Legendary gear is looted above any level of Challenge, the challenge would be skipped, and the gear would have its. Lunagems are socketed gems that can be applied to gear. To improve certain stat There are 3 kinds of known Lunagem: Lunagem Lunascale Refined Lunagems 1 Characteristics to all Lunagem 2 Lunagem characteristics by kind 2.1 Lunagem Characteristics 2.2 Lunascale Characteristics 2.3 Refined Lunagem Characteristics 3 How to socket a lunagem 4 List of Lunagems 4.1 Alchemy lunagems 4.2 Honor Lunagems. 4 - PvP - in Legion it was Prestige Level 2 - now it's Honor Level 10 - and a quest you are given at that time 5 - Complete the Mage Tower Challenge for your Specialization 6 - Find the Hidden Artifact Appearance. Each of the Above - except #5 - Complete the Mage Tower Challenge for your Specialization - can still be unlocked in game Levels 1-10: 750 honor Levels 11-20: 875 honor Levels 21-30: 1000 honor Levels 31-40: 1125 honor Levels 41-50: 1250 honor. In total, it takes 50,000 honor to reach level 50. You will not gain a new ability every time you level up. Each talent requires a certain level (see table below) and when there is no talent gain you will be rewarded with gold or Artifact power

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